Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Habib Abdul Qadir Al-Saggaf

On April 4, 2010, this world lost a spiritual leader, Habib Abdul Qadir Al-Saggaf. Here is a biography of the Habib.

al-Qutb al-Habib Abdul Qadir Ibn Ahmad al-Saggaf
The spiritual Emperor of the People of the House and progeny of Alawi (may peace be upon Him) Abdul Qadir al-Saggaf, the son of Ahmad al-Saggaf (may Allah exalt His family), the living Pole of the AhlulBayt is the unsung Shaykh of al-Habib Umar bin Hafidh. He presently resides in Jeddah, where he has lived for many years.

Unlike his contemporaries, such as al-Habib Mashhur al-Haddad (may Allah show him mercy), Abdul Qadir al-Saggaf was less transient and thus received Shuyukh from all over the world; the Masters and Honourables of the family of Hashim in order they may acquire just a fragment of his light and wisdom. He is known not for innovations or controversies, but strictly for his unrivalled station amongst the People of the House and Trustees of Allah. It would be very unfortunate for a scholar to be unaware of Abdul Qadir al-Saggaf, which is not disobedience, but purely a lack of connection with such a profound human being.

There is not much to mention concerning this individual if we were to speak in earthly terms which does not seperate him from any other of the highest and most elite Islamic scholars; and in adherence to the example of the Messenger of Allah (May infinite blessings be sent to him and his family), the divulgences of the higher realm must be treated with care and prudence. Although it is very difficult to remain within those boundaries as the legends that navigate around the name of Abdul Qadir al-Saggaf involve the tendency to break the limits of reason. It would be wise instead to quote al-Habib Umar bin Hafidh, who epitomised his Guide’s rank, when famously in a gathering, he stood and pointed at the noble descendent and firmly declared “By Allah! There is no man in the universe like him! By Allah! There is no man in the universe like him!”

It is no secret that the station of Abdul Qadir al-Saggaf comes through his nearness to the Prophet Muhammad (May Allah bring us nearness to the final messenger in order we may honour him), dedicating his life to the example of the Messenger (Peace and infinite blessings be upon him) and gaining connection with his ancestor, the Emissary of God. However, carrying the preserved and unhampered lineage of al-Sayyid Abdur Rahman al-Saggaf (May Allah extol him) and al-Faqih al-Muqaddam (Peace be upon Him), it is obvious that his birth right was complemented with incomparable honour, that we are not worthy to question

A pillar which signifies ones nearness to Allah is humility, and Abdul Qadir al-Saggaf never fell short of this quality. He is renowned for his efforts to make people feel at ease, never feeling comfortable if the people around him were uncomfortable. He respected people, and thus he was respected, he asked for prayer and made sure his guests felt welcome – even his students. A major element of his honour is derived from his subservient nature and immense shame before Allah. May Allah exalt the people of humility.
In the mid 90’s, al-Qutb Abdul Qadir al-Saggaf was known to be very frail, with nearly half his body on the verge of paralysis. His current state is described only as…annihilated. His next of kin describe him as “gone…”, he does not speak anymore, and spent the latter part of the 90’s in a state of weeping and sleepless nights.
There is no vocal transmissions from the Sheikh anymore, only his unworldly presence. al-Qutb al-Habib Abdul Qadir is undoubtedly, a charismatic authority in every shape and form, in every realm, in every dimension. May Allah give us the strength to convey his honour well in’sha’Allah.

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