Friday, May 13, 2011

Habib Ali Jaafar Al-Aydarus

Habib Ali Jaafar Al-Aydarus is known as shaman Ali by the people because of his unsual talents. He is 95 years old (2008) and coming from the family of Prophet(saw) through Imam Hussein*(as) as told by his grandson Ibrahim. He is living in Batu Pahat – Johor, Malaysia.

Anyone who has met with him will never forget the memory of meeting him until their last breathe. His holiness in following Prophet's sunnah is clearly portrayed through his actions. Among the character traits of Prophet(saw) that he internalized within his heart and portrayed through his action are, he will not turn his back to his guest when he wants to move to another room. He will slowly walk facing his guest until he exits from the living room. He love's to be entertained by qasidah or burdah.When he is not in good mood or sad. He will ask his grandchild to recite qasidah or burdah for him.

Anyone who get invited to be a guest for a night in his house will be regarded as lucky by many people who know him. People visit him have no doubt's about his karamah and goodness that are sparkling around him and his guest when they visit him.

His life was tested with many tests from Allah swt.

Among of his saintly signs are his prayers are quicly answered, he know's about people without them having to tell him, he know's who will come to visit him without anyone telling him and many more that remains as a secret between him and his Lord.

There was time when people came to him,telling him about their needs and then he asked his son to take his money from under his praying mat. His son knew that there was no money under it and said that there’s no money under the praying mat. But he insisted, his son went to check and found out that the money is was there. He is not living in a big and luxurious house but rather a kind of wooden village house. Anyone who sees his house will know that its a poor person’s house and he spends all of his time in the house.

Ironically, even though he only spending his life in the house many people get meet him from around the world. The famous sunni scholars such as Habib Ali al Jifri,Habib Umar al-Hafidh and scholars from Saudi Arabia are among them. Subhanallah. The beauty of a shiny diamond can never be veiled by anything. God will spread his lovers’ name and proud of having them as His servant. Subhanallah.

Anyone who see's him will know the sign's of the lovers of God are with him. His shiny body and his unsual acts are becoming the proof of God’s existence.

If anyone knows Ayatollah Behjat(ra),and visited Habib Ali Jaafar Al-Aydarus, they will never reject that both of them have the same looks. Ayatollah Behjat(ra) was known as a saint among the shias and had his own karamah.

May peace be upon the truthful followers of the Messenger of God(sawaws),His family and His righteous sahabah.


Zeynab Abdullah.


* Edited due to error by Author.

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