Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Murabit Muhammad Zain, the man in Madina and the dream. Narrated by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

This is takin from "The Poor Man's Book of Assistance" CD set.
On CD #6 while discussing the importance of good manners especially with people of God, Shaykh Hamza Yusuf goes on to narrate this story...

"This happened to someone I know, there is someone in Mauritania who is very well known for doing unusual things that indicate that he's إلهام
you know, that he's an inspired individual(رحمه الله). We were gonna go see him and I was going to bring someone to see him, and we couldn't
go, and the whole way we were driving to this place in the middle of the desert, and the whole way I was really troubled about not seeing this man, because I was with someone that I wanted him to see and he was going to help him as well, anyway we came over this hill and there he was sitting out on the rock, and this is in the middle of nowhere!.
Literally sitting out on this rock and he had one of the people that worked for him, had just killed a sheep and he was cutting it down and he was about to roast this sheep, I mean this is like something...Mauritanians just don't do this, and he had a bowl of yogurt drink and then he had this guy with him with a gun to do ترحيب,welcoming he said "ترحيب من دون نفاق" This is welcoming without hypocracy. So then this Shaykh, he's a sharif from the Prophets family(SAW)... and this is normal for him, like if you tell this to people who know him they just say "yeah...that's what he does" And we were in a hurry, thats why we didn't go visit him in the first place, but I was actually nervous about not going to visit him. So he said "You have two choices, because your travelers I'm not going to keep you here, so you can either stay and have lunch with us or take one of those sheep, and then I was telling another person this story and I said "..and he had a sheep tied to a tree and he said "No! two sheep" and then I looked at him and said did I tell you this story already and he said "No" and there was two sheep there, Mauritanians are like this, thats why they are very strange people to spend alot of time with. He said "Two sheep!" then he kind of realized then just said "No,I didnt hear that story before" and he didn't. But there were two sheep. He said "you take one of the sheep and you eat it along the road, so we ended up taking the sheep. So anyway this person was in Madinah and they hit something in a car and he said "Ya Rasulillah!" and there was somebody in the car who said that was shirk, and this man he didnt say anything about it. But that night another person, and this is a person I know. Another person, the Prophet(saw) came to him and said "Go tell my son Muhammad Zain , go tell him I'm upset with that other man, he shouldn't have said anything to him, but not to worry about it. So he just went and told him "I don't know what this is about" cause this man lives in Madinah, he came to Muhammad Zain and said "I don't know what this is about, but I saw the Prophet(saw) last night and he told me to tell you this about so and so" and it was a person who had said that to him, it was the other person, so you know, there are people who, that is their experience of the world, whether you believe it or not is irrelevant."

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